Written Update from Anupamaa, 22 September 2022: Kinjal is welcomed home by Anupama.

Rakhi asks Kinjal in today’s episode why they shouldn’t go to her residence. Kinjal claims to reveal everyone’s reality and to have learned a great deal about others from her sources, but she was unable to speak the truth about her own daughter. She claims that if she hadn’t discovered the truth, she would have turned into the old Anupama and expressed gratitude to her for speaking the truth. She requests that Kavya drop her. She is told by Baa to call Anupama here. Kinjal questions her about paying Anupama for her services. Baa to call Anupama only in times of emergency. Anupama’s mother, according to Baa.



If that’s the case, Kinjal queries whether she ever gave Anupama a hug, inquired about how she was feeling, coddled Anu, or paid attention to Anupama. Later, Barkha is startled to see Kavya, Vanraj, Kinjal, and Arya and hopes her thoughts are unfounded. Anupama is given custody of the children by Vanraj, who also delivers Arya to her. Kinjal expresses regret for being misinformed. Anuj claims that a daughter needs no justification to visit her mother.

Vanraj is told that he is welcome to stop by at any moment. Toshu is informed by Samar that Kinjal visited Anupama’s home. He rants at Anupama for damaging his home in a fit of rage. He is asked by Samar if he believes Anupama is at blame. He agrees and warns her that she will incite Kinjal to turn against him. Samar exhorts him to act righteously rather than selfishly. When departing, Vanraj and Kavya become upset, and Kavya asks when Arya will return because she is already missing her. Vanraj claims that not even he is aware.

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