‘Would Do Anything,’ according to Maya Hawke, for a ‘Stranger Things’ spin-off starring Steve

Maya Hawke added that she would be okay with the death of her character, saying, “I would love to die and get my hero’s moment.”

Maya Hawke is eager to find out what the future holds for Robin Buckley in Stranger Things.

The 24-year-old actress opened up about her bond to her Stranger Things character and her future expectations for the Hawkins gang in a recent interview with Rolling Stone.

Maya Hawke

Hawke said she hopes Robin, the bilingual, intrepid band geek she plays, is one of the adored characters that pass away in the fifth and final season of the Netflix smash.

She told the magazine, “I would love to die and have my hero’s moment. “As any actor would, I’d desire to pass away with honor.”

Maya Hawke

She is aware that, given how much the Duffer Brothers, the show’s creators and showrunners, adore their stars, death may not be on the table. She said, “They fall in love with their performers and their characters, and they don’t want to destroy them, which is why they write so wonderfully for me and for everyone else.” “I wouldn’t wish it away since I think that’s a lovely trait they have.”

Hawke stated that she would be open to the notion of a spin-off involving Joe Keery’s endearing jock character, Steve Harrington, set in the 1990s if Robin does survive the season. She also made light of the fact that it would take place in New York and be a coming-of-age tale in which the two would party at nightclubs and “figure their sā€”- out.”

Maya Hawke

Hawke declared, “Normally I wouldn’t really be in favour of a spin-off, but if I got the chance to do it with Joe Keery, I would do anything.” “He has amazing boundaries and is incredibly witty, wonderful, and intelligent. He’s a great colleague, and I’d do anything for him.”

Speaking of Steve, who in season 4 admitted his emotions for ex-girlfriend Nancy Wheeler (Natalia Dyer), Hawke claimed her persona is not a fan. She remarked, “I believe that Robin wants whatever will make Steve the happiest, and it certainly seems to be Nancy.

Additionally, Hawke stated that because the focus of Stranger Things is friendship, she has never felt a strong attachment to any of the characters’ romantic relationships.

She told Rolling Stone, “There’s such a focus on romantic love in the media that we consume, and it being the final destination that we’re all expected to arrive to. “When you find that one ideal person, everything will be fine and the story will be over. However, there’s something about our female heroes constantly getting endings ā€” which is them meeting the proper person ā€” that I’m very over. A part of me would ship it far more if the story wasn’t coming to a conclusion.”

In my opinion, the fact that the show includes so many lovely friendships makes it very fantastic, she continued. “I hope Nancy too has an ending that feels satisfying in that manner, whether she is with Jonathan or Steve.”

The success of Hawke’s acting career has increased after Stranger Things. Together with Camila Mendes from Riverdale, she presently co-stars in the thrilling new revenge thriller Do Revenge on Netflix. The brilliant Hawke has shifted her attention to music, and on September 23 her second album, Moss, will be released.

Maya Hawke

She is the daughter of Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman, two celebrities, so the actress told Rolling Stone that she had to be careful how she handles “the nepotism problem.”

“If I were someone else, I have no idea who I would be. You will receive opportunities for free, but the opportunities will not be endless; as a result, you must continue working and performing well. Nepotism surely gives you tremendous benefits in this life. If you perform poorly, your chances will go. My ethos is that “She spoke.

Her enigma? not to take too seriously what other people thought of her.

She said, “If you read the positive evaluations, they’re partially accurate, and if you read the negative things people say, they’re partially true, too. “You are neither a small filthy waste rat nor a gift from God to humanity. You are both neither and both.”

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