William Shatner is on the way to broke world record&nbsp

A famous Actor William Shatner is on the way into the sky. today he would make a world record, the oldest man in space. they wish that I will continue to do this project. Shatner told that I got the gift of seeing the earth from up. two projects also working to travel into space. but it is for wealthy people. jeff bezos’s blue origin project in which wealthy people can buy the space travel seat.

It’s excellent marketing inclusion for the wealthy people side. but a Jeff bezos’s posted today on Instagram. in which they told about himself. his childhood dreams which were so informed by star trek -a true vanity.

When they are a child they play together game star trek .that time only 9 years old.his mom is incredible. She saved for 48 years. And after that Shatner agreed to take up into the space.

And this is very funny.no matter how funny it might seem, sending captain kirk up and back in the time it takes to place an order for toilet paper on Amazon to satisfy our wealthy surplus, Shatner is very brave for this purpose. at the high profile meeting about the sexism and, most terrifying, of safety issues at the blue origin. where do Elon Musk or Richard Branson fly? Competing with other wealthy guys and making progress over safety concerns would be slow.

 The competition to reach space extremely fast. those guys take the first traveller in he will make the record. in this project William Shatner decide to go on space. and he said bye-bye earth.

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