Will the toll booth be eliminated? The automatic number plate recognition system pilot project will soon begin.

The government is currently contemplating two options: a satellite-based toll system where a car will have GPS and the toll will be immediately withdrawn from the passenger’s bank account; and an option where the money will be deducted by automatically scanning the number plate by the camera.

toll booth

Prior to the implementation of FASTag, there were lengthy lines at toll booths. The government is now working on a cutting-edge toll collection system that will just use a vehicle’s licence plate to deduct the toll fee. On Tuesday, Union Minister Nitin Gadkari announced that the government is testing the use of automatic number plate recognition devices in place of toll booths, which will withdraw fees from drivers’ bank accounts.

Automatic number plate reader camera will be launched

Speaking at a gathering, the Minister for Road Transport and Highways claimed that the FASTag implementation raised the National Highways Authority of India’s (NHAI) annual toll revenue by Rs 15,000 crore. Additionally, we are about to introduce automatic number plate reader technology, which will eliminate the need for toll booths. The number plate will be used to directly deduct toll fees from the bank account.

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