Will Congress get Sanjeevani Booti just by changing the face or will the path of the party remain difficult?

The search for the new Congress president appears to be getting more serious at this point. In terms of reinstating himself as party leader, Rahul Gandhi is not prepared. Ashok Gehlot, the chief minister of Rajasthan, also declined. I am now seeking a fresh face. A few names have also been suggested for this. Priyanka Gandhi’s name has also been mentioned for the position of party leader. However, one of the most important considerations is whether the party will obtain the Sanjeevani Booti simply by changing the look. This party, which has ruled the nation for the longest, is currently searching for new political ground. Therefore, it is necessary to know that such a question exists.


Sitaram Kesari had brought Sonia Gandhi to the party

Sitaram Kesari also brought Sonia Gandhi to the party, which is worth remembering. Sonia Gandhi strengthened the party after taking over as party president, which allowed Congress to once more experience the perks of power. But as his health deteriorated, the party’s situation has only gotten worse. Rahul Gandhi took control of the situation at the request of numerous party officials, but the organization’s problems persisted. Rahul’s nomination as party leader was rejected, and he failed to maintain the support of the membership. The party’s scope was consequently constrained. The party has thus far been restricted to just a few states.

An increasing number of people leaving the party

The G-23 group has carried out its duty by rebelling against the party hierarchy. The list of those quitting the party is growing. The effort to give the party a new look is ongoing as the BJP, the incumbent government party, begins to organize for the upcoming general elections. In such a setting, it is also uncertain how motivated the next president leading the party will be able to be.

party’s shrinking base

Qamar Agha, a senior political analyst, thinks the party has lost political ground. Both the base of support and the number of supporters is steadily declining. There is a lot of dissatisfaction among Rahul Gandhi’s followers following his unsuccessful bid for the Amethi Lok Sabha seat in the most recent national elections. The question of for whom Rahul should keep the Congress flag has taken root in the minds of his supporters when Rahul, who is seen as the great face of the party, may abandon the seat in front of Smriti Irani and flee out of fear of losing.

The new President will be close to the Gandhi family 

Agha claims that during the rule of Indira Gandhi, the party’s base had ties to the working class and lower classes. That support base has been lost as of late. Party leaders have done the work of widening this gap by neglecting the supporters in the face of personal interests. The party has not yet brought up any current problems of importance to the public. Throughout it all, the party will transfer its leadership to a supporter of the Gandhi family, who will also be one of the faces receiving the leadership. It just indicates that the party is attempting to modify its image. Therefore, the Gandhi family will have ultimate power over the next leadership. It will be difficult for the party to get back on solid ground in such a circumstance.

Silence on demands for ground change 

The opposition group within the party has long since discussed change, but the party continues to ignore it. Congress is now a small family with just a few members. She has no contact with the average person or her lower-class supporters. He won’t be able to obtain any Sanjeevani herbs from the new face in this circumstance. Not those who have come forward after battling on the ground have been mentioned thus far.

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