When the moon rises in Almora on Karva Chauth, you may determine the auspicious hour to pray and get a quick tale.

The most unique Karvachauth holiday for married women is today, Thursday. For the long life of her spouse, a woman follows a Nirjala fast during this festival. It has long been held that keeping this fast ensures the husband will live a long life and will have a happy marriage. Married women follow the Nirjala Vrat (a daylong fast without food or drink) on Karva Chauth, and they also worship Chauth Mata. Only after offering her arghya and observing the moon in the night sky does she break her fast.

Karva Chauth

Women in Almora, Uttarakhand, have spent a lot of time getting ready for the Karva Chauth fast. On Thursday, be aware of what time the moon will be visible in Almora.

The Hindu calendar states that every year on the Chaturthi Tithi of Krishna Paksha in the month of Kartik, the festival of Karva Chauth is observed. On Karva Chauth this year, the moon will rise in Almora around 8:09 p.m. The moon’s timing can be somewhat altered as a result of the weather change. On Thursday, the blessed hour for Karva Chauth worship is from 05:54 to 07:09 p.m.

Women worship Lord Ganesha and Mata Chaturthi on this holy day known as Karva Chauth. A group of women gathered at the Almora market to discuss Karva Chauth around a week ago. Women purchased campana-decorated Karvachauth plates and other kitchenware.

Married ladies keep a blazing candle in a sieve after the moon rises as part of the devotion of Karva Chauth. She then examines the moon in the lamplight while looking through this sieve. She then sees her husband with this, and the husband breaks his fast by giving his wife water and treats.

story of karva Chauth’s fast

A moneylender had one daughter and seven sons. His seven daughters-in-law, including Sethani and his daughter, formerly observed the fast of Karva Chauth on the Chaturthi date of Krishna Paksha of the Kartik month. When the moneylender’s lads sat down to dinner at night, they requested their sister to join them. In response, the sister informed the brother that the moon was still hidden. Today, I won’t eat until after I’ve offered Arghya and the moon has set.

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The son of the moneylender adored his sister. The sight of his sister’s face wracked with hunger made him feel terribly sorry. The sons of the moneylender went outside the city and used a tree to start a fire. He informed his sister that the moon had come out after returning home. Now give the moon food and take food. The daughter of the moneylender advised her sisters-in-law to take food by making an arghya offering because the moon had emerged. After hearing what the sister-in-law had to say, the sisters-in-law declared that although the moon had not yet risen, your brothers were deceitfully starting a fire to reveal to you its light in the form of the moon.

The moneylender’s daughter ate her meal while ignoring the advice of her sisters-in-law and offered arghya to the moon that the brothers had shown. As a result of the moneylender’s girl violating the Karva Chauth fast, Lord Ganesha became enraged. The girl’s husband became unwell as a result of Ganesh Ji’s disapproval, and all of the remaining money in the house was used to treat her condition.

The moneylender’s daughter was deeply sorry when she realized what a mistake she had made. He asked Ganesh ji for forgiveness before beginning the Chaturthi fast with the law once more. He reverently regarded everyone in the room before receiving blessings.

As a result of the girl’s devotion, Lord Ganesha was impressed and granted her husband’s life. In addition to curing him of all illnesses, he also filled him with riches, riches, and grandeur.

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