When at the age of 16, the director had given ashes in front of Jannat Zubair, upon hearing such a condition, the mother was blown away.

Famous TV actress Jannat Zubair consistently comes up in conversation because of her flirty acting style. To succeed in the profession at such a young age as Jannat did is not everyone’s cup of tea. With her glamour, Jannat, who is only 21 years old, competes with many actresses. He has a massive social media fan base. Jannat, who began her career as a young artist, has contributed to numerous TV programmes. She is currently the star of numerous shows, but do you know anything about Jannat? The reason Jannat got into such a problem with the show’s producer is because of the scene, which made headlines about her.

Jannat Zubair

There was a ruckus about which scene 

Let us inform you that Jannat played the main character in the television programme “Aashiqui.” Ritvik Arora was her rival in this programme. Both’s on-screen chemistry was well-liked. Jannat had to kiss her co-star Ritvik and perform several intimate acts during a scene in the same show. When Jannat learned of this, she vehemently objected. Actually, Jannat was only 16 years old at the time.

In which scene did the mother react like this?

When Jannat’s mother learned of another personal moment, she spoke with the show’s producer. He had made it very clear that Jannat would not make out with anyone on camera. Jannat’s mother discussed the entire situation with E-Times. “Jannat was being requested to do an intimate scene, but we were not at ease in it,” he had claimed. Following this, the show’s creators altered the entire sequence.


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