When a user mocked Aakash Chopra for calling himself a “failed cricketer,” the commentator cut him off by responding appropriately.

Aakash Chopra on Twitter: Aakash Chopra, a current Hindi commentator, and former Indian cricket player are quite active on social media. He participates in the majority of conversations about cricket in particular. Even though Aakash Chopra’s cricket career was short-lived, he still has a solid understanding of the game. He never stops making remarks about the Indian team’s current roster of players.

Aakash Chopra

trolls on social media

Social media users have also voiced their anger over Aakash Chopra’s remarks. One of these users attempted to troll Aakash Chopra. The user has done the deed of adding salt to Aakash Chopra’s previous wounds with regard to his cricket career. Additionally, Akash Chopra immediately tried to mute the individual who was trolling him.

Know what is the whole matter

Actually, a person took a screenshot and said, “Please mention your career too,” mocking Aakash Chopra. How are you able to discuss cricket? when you play cricket but fail. Aakash Chopra responded by writing, “I googled you…did not get any career in cricket.” Your logic makes no sense, therefore how are you allowed to discuss me? When in life do you become a _ person?

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Aakash Chopra has a good knowledge of cricket

We should point out that Aakash Chopra is knowledgeable about cricket. He is renowned for having extensive cricket expertise. Two books on cricket have also been authored by Aakash Chopra. Fans particularly like the books Beyond the Blues and Out of the Blue. In addition to this, he is also interested in writing cricket-related daily columns. He has been consistently engaged in commentator and analyst roles over the past few years.

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