West Bengal: Parwangi Nastana BJP’s ‘Chalo Nabanna’ Morcha, Polisani Karyakartyana Rokhlam; railway station premises radar

The BJP confronted the Trinamool Congress in West Bengal and used the aggressive sacred dharana banana. Mamta Banerjee, the chief minister of West Bengal, the BJPkadoon “Chalo Nabanna” front, or the Khandit coalition effort, banana jatoy. Honyasathi West BengalMadhil BJP members from Kolkata were injured during the Yach nabanna Morchat. Only the police, the BJP workers, and the Yethil Raniganj Railway station campus took sides in the dispute. Tabyat Ghetle Yaveli Polisani Kahi BJPchaya Karyakartyana. The phrase “BJPchaya Chalo Nabanna Morchala Polisani Nakarleli Come” is used.

Milaelya Mahiti claims that the BJP is there to organise the “Nabanna Chalo Morcha” in opposition to the Mamata Banerjee administration and to promote anti-corruption in West Bengal. Or morchat participant honyasathi rajat til bjp’s karte karte haat bjp’s flag gheun kolkatyachya dishene nighale. Tyasathi Rajyatil BJP Karyakartyana Mangalwari (September 13). Only members of the caste of Morchala Parwangi Naslyamule Karyakartyana Advale arrive. The police, BJP members, and the campus of the Raniganj railway station filed the petition. Politicians of the BJPchaya Karyakartyani of Kolkata, Rokhale. Only BJP workers in the aggressive Jhalyamule Polisani Tyanna Tabyat Ghetle.

In the meantime, the BJP’s employees in Kolkata were suffering injuries. More responses have arrived, according to Yawar BJP state president S Majumdar. Karanyachi Parwangi Ghenar Nahi Yethil Janata Chorankadoon Movement. Trinamool Congress police personnel suffered consequences for acting realistically. There would have been 144 suitable karnyat aale in the Magil Veli Nabanna Morchadaramyan Kalam. Only aamchi will fight in West Bengal.

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