‘The Centre for Medical Skills for paramedical staff’ is set to come up in which state/UT? 

Ans: Meghalaya 

Which state/UT launched a ‘Startup Pitch Challenge’ to provide a platform for startups in manufacturing related sectors? 

Ans: Karnataka 

Which Ministry has developed a user-interactive dashboard for user associations to provide suggestions for the government? 

Ans: Ministry of Commerce and Industry

Who is the most successful pace bowler in the history of international cricket, as of 2022? 

Ans: James Anderson 

Which Union Ministry released ‘Guidelines for Anonymisation of Data (AoD) and Mobile Security Guidelines (MSG)’ for e-governance’? 

Ans: Ministry of Electronics and IT  

‘Samvatsari Day’ is a traditional festival celebrated in which religion? 

Ans: Jainism 

Which country is the host of the multilateral command Exercise Vostok – 2022? 

Ans: Russia  

Dharamshala, where the Tibetan Democracy Day is celebrated, is located in which Indian state/UT? 

Ans: Himachal Pradesh 

Where was the ‘Thai Trade Expo’ held in India in 2022? 

Ans: Hyderabad