Which institution has released the report incidence, mortality, morbidity and socioeconomic burden of snakebite in the country? 

Ans: ICMR 

Which Indian state/UT launched the ‘Mahila Nidhi’, loan scheme for social and economic development of women through loans? 

Ans: Rajasthan 

Which pharma company launched India’s first indigenously developed qHPV) against cervical cancer? 

Ans: Serum Institute of India 

Which social media platform company has announced a new facility named ‘Circles’? 

Ans: Twitter  

Which organisation manufacturers Tejas Mark-2 Fighter Jets? 

Ans: HAL 

Who is the head of the restructured SEBI its high-level panel on cyber security (September 2022)? 

Ans: Navin Kumar Singh 

What is the name of the Hydrogen that is produced from a carbon-free nuclear power? 

Ans: Pink Hydrogen 

The United Nations has released a report on alleged human rights abuses in which country? 

Ans: China  

Who has been nominated as executive chairman of the National Legal Services Authority? 

Ans: Justice D Y Chandrachud