Story: Vijay(Raj Tharun) loves Keerthy(Hemal Ingle) and decides to marry her. He is also on the verge of getting a good government job.

Raj Tharun and director Vijay Kumar Konda have teamed up once again after Orrey Bujjiga for a serious film called Power Play. The film has released today and let’s see how it is.

Starring : Raj Tarun, Hemal, Poorna, Prince, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Ajay, Raja Ravindra, Pooja Ramachandran

Director : Vijay Kumar Konda Producer : Mahidhar & Devesh Music Director : Suresh Bobbli Editor : Prawin Pudi

Raj Tarun gives up the peppy boy-next-door roles to play a serious man. The script gives him scope to perform and it’s good he chose a film like this, despite its flaws.

Genre: Suspense, Action Duration: 1h 54mint Release Date: 2022 (Hindi)

Poorna, plays the role of a Minister and also daughter of a CM. Her character has various shades and she did superbly with a standout performance. Debut heroine Hemal Dev did well in her first film and her chemistry with Raj Tarun looks good on screen.

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