Viral Video: A cheetah was seen playing with a turtle in the park

YouTube Video These days, videos are spreading like wildfire on social media. A cheetah is shown in this video playing with a turtle in a park. The news article about the video was interesting.

cheetah and  turtle in a park

You must be familiar with numerous tales of animal love and affection. Animals’ distinctive associations can occasionally be heard or observed. People are surprised to learn that different animal species behave differently toward one another. On social media right now, one such video is becoming very popular.

rubbing turtle

Currently, a video of a cheetah playing with a turtle in a park is going viral on social media. A large turtle is visible at the beginning of the film, and a cheetah is lying next to it. Both are clearly playing with one another. After some time, the cheetah begins to scratch the turtle’s head by rubbing its head against the turtle’s leg. It appears that the tortoise is enjoying itself with its companion as well.

Online video is being favored by viewers.

The tortoise and cheetah appear to have a close bond as they are both enjoying themselves immensely in the park on the lush grass. Tuesday and Penzi are closest buddies, according to the description of the video posted by Carson Springs Wildlife on the social media site Instagram. Check them out at Carson Springs. Gainesville, Florida, in the United States, is home to Carson Springs, an exotic animal, and endangered species animal park. Since it was shared, the popular video has had over 1.1 million views and over 56,000 likes. Users of social media are complimenting their friendship in the post’s comments section.

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