Vikram 2 & PS 2 will be blockbusters in Hindi: Jayantilal Gada on bringing South to North

Producer Jayantilal Gada has experienced a successful year in 2022 thanks to movies like Gangubai, RRR, Vikram, Sitaramam, and PS 1. It’s interesting to note that each movie had a different marketing and distribution plan. According to Jayantilal Gada, “In North India, the marketing costs are quite high, and as a result, there is a tendency for things to go awry. Every movie deserves a specific strategy. We used every last bit of RRR, but Vikram had very little distribution and promotion. Sita Ramam had very little distribution and no marketing. The main marketing weapon was word of mouth in Telugu markets, where it debuted a month after opening.


Now that you’ve hit the proper note, what is the process for buying movies? He continues, “A team makes decisions regarding acquisitions and collaborations. We occasionally miss out on a deal as well. We aim to conduct market research before deciding which advertisements the picture requires. The second iterations of both Vikram and Ponniyin Selvan, according to Jayanti Bhai, will be enormous box office successes in the Northern market as well. “Vikram has secured this franchise’s future in the Hindi belts. He beams, “Part 2 will be a smash hit.

The director has great expectations for PS 2. “The PS 2 comes under the same category. Up until the release of the sequel, more and more people would see both Vikram and PS 1 on OTT. Even a sequel from the Sita Ramam crew will be a Hindi success story if they choose to do so. Pen Studios has been testing several commercial strategies for distribution. “We are the perfect partners for the south. We are the top pick since we are the most open studio in Bollywood. We think that doing business is based on trust,” he beams.

With the official Hindi release of Chatrapathi, which is an SS Rajamouli-directed remake of the Telugu blockbuster and stars Prabhas, the director plans to introduce Bellamkonda Sreenivas to the Hindi market in 2023. We have a great deal of trust since the movie is coming together wonderfully. Our biggest positive is that Vijayendra Prasad himself made the revisions to make it suitable for today’s audience. We are hopeful that the audience will accept the hero because he is a highly prominent figure in the digital realm,” he says.

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