The Kapil Sharma Show: When director Anubhav Sinha unexpectedly showed up on the set, the comic was forced to complete this task.

What’s Up With Kapil Sharma? With his third season, Kapil Sharma is back to entertain TV viewers with jokes. However, Anubhav Sinha recently astonished even Kapil Sharma when he unexpectedly arrived at the scene after his store had closed.


The newest season of The Kapil Sharma Show has begun. On September 10, 2022, “The Kapil Sharma Show” debuted on television. This season, everyone from athletes to celebrities like Tamannaah Bhatia and Akshay Kumar has appeared on the show. However, a video has just started to spread like wildfire on social media. In this video, Gulab Gang and Mulk director Anubhav Sinha unexpectedly appeared on The Kapil Sharma Show. The sudden appearance of Anubhav Sinha on Kapil’s stage astounded him as well.

The sudden appearance of Anubhav Sinha on the sets astonished Kapil Sharma.

On his Instagram, Kapil Sharma posted a video of Anubhav Sinha and Paltan accompanying him. Anubhav Sinha and the cast of his movie, “Middle-Class Love,” arrived on the sets of comedians in this video. Kapil was abruptly startled to meet director Anubhav Sinha as he was packing up his set and heading home. Anubhav Sinha is heard saying to Kapil in this video that since we have made a movie and have gone out to promote it, I figured since I know Kapil, I should go meet Kapil.

Kapil had to open his “closed shop” after seeing the filmmaker and his A-list actors.

Anubhav Sinha said, and Kapil Sharma responded, “Today’s shoot is ended, do it next week.” Anubhav Sinha immediately said, “Our film is releasing next week,” when he heard Kapil Sharma say this. When he heard this, Kapil responded, “Sir, we have also covered the sofa.” The actors of “Middle-Class Love” responded, “Sir, we will lift the garments and clean it also,” upon hearing this. The star cast promptly removed the clothing off the sofa when Kapil mentioned something. Kapil commented that this was the first time he had ever seen consumers arrive while the businesses were closed.

Mixed reviews were given to the “The Kapil Sharma Show debut “‘s episode.

Fans’ views to the debut episode of The Kapil Sharma Show were conflicting. While some viewers were delighted to see the inaugural episode, others remembered Krushna Abhishek, Bharti Singh, and the previous cast.


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