• “STEGO is the ideal meeting for surgeons and industry. The intimacy allows you the opportunity to get to know the attendees in a relaxed environment and the debates are spirited which leads to real progress.”

    Josh Sandberg General Manager - Ortho Sales Partners
  • “This meeting has always had the ability of providing an environment of candor and openness in a beautiful location, and is by far the best meeting that allows for industry and surgeons to get together and discuss how to provide the best solutions to our patients”

    Hyun Bae, M.D. The Spine Institute Center for Spinal Restoration
  • “One of my favorite meetings due to its small size which fosters open discussion and camaraderie in a beautiful, relaxed setting”

    Rick Guyer, M.D. Texas Back Institute
  • “Outstanding “Think-Tank” with most open, non-edited info on what works and where the future is”

    Stephen Hochschuler, M.D. Texas Back Institute
  • “This meeting is all about calling out the elephant in the room and then enjoying the discussion and debates that follow”

    Greg Mundis, M.D. San Diego Center for Spinal Disorders