US-China Tension: For the first time, the Biden administration attacked Taiwan, what will the US army do if the Chinese military attacks Taipei

US-China Tension

America today appears to be in an aggressive attitude following Nancy Pelosi, the president of the US Congress,’ visit to Taiwan. America has been very clear about its stance on Taiwan. According to the Biden administration, if China attacks Taiwan, its soldiers will support the island nation. This time, the Biden administration’s policy was explicitly … Read more

Amit Shah: Amit Shah will go on a two-day visit to Telangana, there will be discussion about assembly elections

Amit Shah

Amit Shah, the union minister of the interior, will visit Telangana for two days. He will meet with the core group in Hyderabad during this time, and BJP leaders will brief him on the status of affairs. Amit Shah will meet with party MPs and senior leaders, including state chief Bandi Sanjay, according to sources. … Read more