Bigg Boss Telugu 6: Faima accuses Rajasekhar of making comments about Inaya’s skin tone and Inaya’s affection on Surya

Bigg Boss

In an entertaining episode, the housemates came together to celebrate Bigg Boss’ birthday. Vasanthi and Marina tried to frighten the housemates by masquerading as ghosts at midnight in the first scene of the most recent Bigg Boss Telugu 6 show, which was hosted by Nagarjuna. Four of the housemates were sent a cake, and Bigg … Read more

Bigg Boss: 16 years on, what makes the Salman Khan show so popular and appealing to Indian masses?

Bigg Boss

The start of Bigg Boss 16 is just a few hours away. It’s ideal for the reality program to run for three to four months, giving devoted viewers a quarter of the year to follow the lives of celebrities who are confined to a house. They certainly don’t appear to mind. If not for its … Read more

Bigg Boss Throwback: When Shehnaaz Gill conversed with a crow in the house and cracked up fans


Shehnaaz Gill is one of the well-known celebrities who became famous after appearing on Bigg Boss 13. She is a fan favorite star, and her devoted followers like her for her kind nature and adorable appearance. Because of her purity and her friendship with the late actor Sidharth Shukla, the actress enjoyed a lot of … Read more