Taarak Mehta: Shailesh Lodha got angry about the deceit done to him, the fans said – ‘Asit Modi sees everything secretly, but…’

Famed for Taarak Mehta’s “Ooltah Chashmah” Shailesh Lodha publishes a mysterious post: Famed for Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashma, Even though Shailesh Lodha is no longer a program participant, he continues to follow the news. Shailesh Lodha’s fans recently came under a lot of pressure after it was disclosed that Sachin Shroff would be taking his place in the show. Shailesh Lodha recently wrote a post in which he discusses being duped. Fans are interpreting this post of his as sarcasm directed at Asit Modi, the creator of Taarak Mehta.

Taarak Mehta

anger in the post

Shakuni from the Mahabharata is depicted tossing chess dice in a post that Shailesh Lodha uploaded on his official Instagram. Additionally, the text states that “The lie done to a simple person opens all the doors of your doom.” Regardless of how talented a chess player you are, Shailesh commented on the post by sharing it and adding, “Tomorrow or not today… God sees all.” see this post

Users told Asit Modi the reason for the post

‘Asit Modi also reads your remarks covertly, know you, sir, again lie that he has not read anything,’ a commenter said on Shailesh’s post. “Asit Modi ko bol rahe rahe hai?” a different individual asked. “Tarak Mehta sahib sab kuch asit modi ko bol rahe rahe hai,” said another user.

Shailesh Lodha received orders from certain supporters to abandon the event. ‘Sir, some people tell lies too readily, you do not find it right to disclose the truth even to the fans,’ a user said on the post. “Sir, why did you leave the show, this is probably the answer,” a fan remarked.

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