Sumbul Touqeer Khan claims that “People are going to get entertained as I’m there” in an exclusive Bigg Boss 16 statement

After her time on the daily soap Imlie, Sumbul Touqeer Khan became well-known. Her acting prowess and variety garnered her admirers, which helped her land a spot on Bigg Boss, the greatest reality show in India. Bigg Boss 16’s youngest participant is the 18-year-old celebrity, and host Salman Khan was incredibly thrilled to witness her vigour, love, and connection to her father. Salman Khan promised Sumbul’s father he would help her if she made a mistake inside the home. Pinkvilla and Sumbul had a hearty conversation before entering the circus-themed home, and Pinkvilla appeared fairly confident about embarking on this new voyage.

Bigg Boss 16

On why she took up Bigg Boss right after Imlie

Due to her time spent in Imlie, Sumbul Touqeer Khan attained unparalleled fame at the young age of 18. Sumbul explained to us when we asked him why he decided to start a reality programme so soon after Imlie, “My father is the reason I started watching Bigg Boss. He asked me to perform on the show. In addition, I wanted to try something different from what Imlie was doing.”

On trying to shed off her image in Bigg Boss 16

“People are aware that Imlie and Sumbul are very similar because they have both seen them. They will get to see the slight variances in Bigg Boss, though. They’ll be surprised by it, “Sumbul stated.

On if she had any apprehensions about doing Bigg Boss

Since Sumbul is known for her upbeat personality, the actress is confident that she will amuse the audience and had no reservations about competing on Bigg Boss 16. The actress stated, “I haven’t considered what I would do 24 hours a day in front of the cameras, but one thing I know for sure is that people will be entertained while I’m there.

On the biggest challenge to giving a nod to this show

The teenager added, “So far, there hasn’t been a problem. I anticipate facing some difficulties once I enter the residence. We’ll see.”

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Sumbul reveals that she’s an extrovert

“You’ll never meet a bigger extrovert than me. Never do I stay home. So it will be difficult to live in one place for three to four months. However, I’ll meet a lot of strangers and spend time with them. The good news is that! “cried out the actress.

On her favourite contestant

“I haven’t kept up with any specific season. I’ve watched a few snippets from the programme, and Dolly Bindra Ji is one of my favourites “Sumbul Touqeer Khan put it to rest.

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