Sukesh Chandrasekhar Extortion Case: Nikki Tamboli and Sofia Singh took to Tihar Jail to ‘recreate their meet

In order to recreate their encounter with con artist Sukesh Chandrasekhar, Nikki Tamboli and actress Sofia Singh have been escorted inside Delhi’s Tihar Jail. He is in jail because a case of rupee 200 extortion is being investigated. According to police sources, since Shekhar has been imprisoned, the facility has become a hub for his criminal activities, which he conducts with the assistance of jail staff. Nikki Tamboli and Sofia have been asked to enter jail in this situation.

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According to a senior police officer, the Economic Offences Wing of the Delhi Police brought the actresses Nikki Tamboli and Sofia Singh to Central Jail Number One in Tihar on Saturday to “recreate” their encounters with the con artist as part of the continuing investigation.

Aditi Singh, the wife of former Fortis Healthcare promoter Shivinder Mohan Singh, is among the prominent persons Chandrashekhar is suspected of defrauding. According to officials, the EOW has so far interrogated Bollywood celebrities Jacqueline Fernandez and Nora Fatehi, as well as former TV host Pinky Irani and fashionista Leepakshi Ellawadi.


Many visitors, including celebrities in expensive cars, entered the jail during his stay in Tihar by claiming they were going to meet Chandrashekar, the officer claimed. According to officials, Tamboli has been in a few reality shows, while Singh has starred in Hindi and Telegu films.

The full reproduction of the meeting was also videotaped, according to the police. “Inside the prison, Chandrashekhar received numerous visitors. But we are just calling those who are pertinent to our inquiry. Chandrashekar is currently incarcerated in Mandoli Prison, “added the official.


Ravindra Yadav, a special commissioner of police for a crime, said, “We have recreated the scenario of the actresses’ encounter with Chandrashekhar because we are doing a thorough inquiry into the case. We now have a comprehensive grasp of the methods used to commit this fraud as a result. This will support our legal defense.” Chandrashekar had a good office within the prison with a television, sofa, carpet, and other comforts, the research also uncovered. Another police officer reported that it seemed more like his workplace than a jail.

Security at the jail was jeopardized. Once upon a time, when guests said they were going to meet Sukesh, opulent cars would enter the prison. None of those who were going to meet Chandrashekar had their security checked. He had so much money that he was paying jail staff in crores. Since he had paid off jail staff, nobody had intervened, he said.

The majority of the time, according to the police, Chandrashekhar pretended to be a business magnate from the south, a movie director, or the owner of a television network while luring actors with promises of parts in “his upcoming movies.” According to them, the investigation into the issue is still ongoing and no one involved in it has received a clean bill of health.

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According to the investigation, Chandrashekhar also approached other performers using the same method. Pinki Irani, who has already been questioned by the EOW team, brought the two actors to the alleged conman, the officer claimed.

He continued by saying that high jail personnel participated in Chandrashekhar’s and his operatives’ illicit acts. “We are looking at the roles played by each of these jail employees who served Chandrasekhar. Six Tihar jail employees have previously been detained under the Maharashtra Control of Organized Crime Act. The officer stated that other correctional staff members’ roles were being investigated.

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