Such a demand arose in Egypt regarding Mia Khalifa

Discussions over the adult star Mia Khalifa’s appearance and photographs continue. Mia has now once more directed public attention in her direction. Mia Khalifa is wanted in Egypt to serve as an education advisor. No one can hear this without becoming astonished. When a hacker gained access to the Facebook page of the Egyptian Education Directorate, a startling incident occurred. Along with adding a picture of Mia Khalifa on this page, they have even pushed to make her an education advisor.

Mia Khalifa

Case of the month of August

According to the press, this case occurred in the month of August. The Education Directorate of Bahrain Province’s Facebook page was hacked, according to the Egyptian newspaper Al-Masry Al-Youm. In which the Education Minister Dr. Reddy Hegazy requests that Dr. Mia Khalifa (Dr. Mia Khalifa) be appointed as an education advisor and inserts a photo of Mia Khalifa. Following this, information was provided regarding the Bahraini Ministry of Education’s hacking of the Facebook page. A complaint, according to reports, has been lodged.

Added doctor in front of Mia Khalifa’s name

However, hackers also prefixed Mia Virudh’s name with “doctor.” Mia Khalifa reportedly earned her history degree from Texas University. But up until this point, nothing has been disclosed regarding his continued studies. In addition to this, Mia Khalifa is still a hot topic of conversation. Mia uses social media extensively. Mia has millions of Instagram followers, among other social media users. In addition to doing this, Mia frequently updates her fans with images. On Instagram, Mia has more than 27 million fans.

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