Stunning places to visit in Spiti Valley for a rejuvenating vacay

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Perched in the northernmost region of the Himachal Pradesh state of India
The Spiti Valley, located in the northeastern region of the Himachal Pradesh state in India, is well-known for its ethereal landscape, amazing monasteries, and glittering rivers and lakes. If you want to experience nature at its very finest, the Spiti Valley should be at the top of your list of places to visit. This valley is becoming increasingly popular among nature lovers, photographers, and people with an adventurous spirit because of its surroundings of steep gorges and ravines, which are a visual, emotional, and spiritual delight. This location is a must-see since it offers breathtaking monasteries, attractive scenery, snow-covered mountains, and lush woodlands in addition to its stunning views. This is a

1. Tabo

Tabo Monastery Winters

This stunning village, which is situated on the banks of the Spiti River, is home to deep ravines, lovely slopes, an old monastery named Tabo, and its shrine caves. This little, charming community is becoming increasingly popular with outdoor enthusiasts and those who adore the great outdoors. If you want to satisfy your adventurous soul, you can also hike up to Tabo village.

The stunning Spiti valley is home to several attractions that are worthwhile visiting. Plan a vacation to this stunning location and share your experiences with us below.

2. Lahaul Valley

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Lahaul Valley is a vast valley in Spiti that is formed by the Chandra and Bhaga streams. It has incredible natural beauty and offers stunning views of the Chandrabhaga Range. You can also go on exhilarating camping and trekking excursions from here to Suraj Taal, Chandra Taal, and Kunzum Pass.

3. Kungri Monastery

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Despite being the oldest and most vibrant monastery in Spiti, Kungri Monastery was constructed in the fourteenth century. Decorated with exquisite artwork, silk paintings, books, archives, and exquisite wall murals that will undoubtedly give visitors a sense of the Buddhist cultural traditions. This location hosts local festivals and performances during the summer.

4. Komik

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Komik, one of the world’s highest motorable points, is located at an elevation of 18000 feet. This location is unknown to many people, thus its beauty has not yet been fully appreciated. Komik offers panoramic views of the area, an eco-kitchen, and a strange atmosphere that makes it resemble a monastery.

5. Chandra Taal

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This stunning crescent-shaped lake is positioned close to Kunzum Pass at a height of 4300 metres. Due to its shape, the name literally means “lake of the moon.” Additionally, the colours keep changing during the day, ranging from blue and green to reddish and orange. People go on hikes via the Lahaul ranges that around this lake, which enhances how fascinating this occurrence appears.

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