Hyeri, Lee Jun Young, Lee Kyu Han, and Song Deok Ho are all smiles in the new poster for ‘May I Help You’

On October 4th, the group poster for MBC’s next Wednesday-Thursday drama “May I Help You” was unveiled. Baek Dong Ju (Hyeri), a funeral director with unexplained abilities, Kim (Lee Jun Young) of the daily errand centre “One Hundred Won Butler,” Baek Dong Ju, police officer Seo Hae An (Song Deok Ho), and representative Vincent (Lee Kyu Han) of “One Hundred Won Butler” are all shown in the public photo standing in the backyard. They were grinning and seated next to one another.

May I Help You

Here, the question “What is your request?” created hopes for the cooperative efforts of Baek Dong Ju and Butler Kim, who help both the living and the dead. The drama centres on funeral director Baek Dong Ju (Hyeri). She possesses a remarkable talent that enables her to see and communicate with the deceased. The deceased implore Baek Dong Ju to fulfil their final request. If Baek Dong Ju refuses to grant their requests, bad luck descends upon her day. This inspires her to hear their wishes and fulfil them with Kim Jib Sa’s assistance (Lee Jun Young).

May I Help You

Kim Jib Sa works for his uncle Vincent’s errand-running business, “One Hundred Won Butler” (Lee Kyu Han). Clients can hire “One Hundred Won Butler” for pretty about anything, even simple tasks like changing lightbulbs. For his clientele, Kim Jib Sa gives his all.

The production team stated, “Different tales of the dead and peculiar demands not granted to those who were left behind during their lifetimes give warm laughter and sympathy. One can anticipate the performers’ performances and chemistry, which will add to their charm.

On October 19, the drama will be made available.

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