Rashmika Mandanna saw school children dancing to the song Sami-Sami and said she wanted to meet them.

Rashmika Mandanna recently posted a video of her young followers dancing to the smash hit song “Sami-Sami” from Pushpa The Rise. Rashmika Mandanna was grateful for the small fans. Instead, he stated that he would like to meet the students. On Wednesday, he posted a video to Twitter. Cute school kids may be seen dancing to Pushpa’s song, The Rise, in this.

Sami Sami Song

The dance video is charming, according to Rashmika Mandanna.

Rashmika Mandanna called it cute and said the children’s dance in the song made her day and she also wanted to meet the kids. Srivalli is portrayed by Rashmika Mandanna in Pushpa: The Rise. Sukumar directed the movie. Rashmika Mandanna uploaded the video and remarked, “My heart was made l adorable..” even though Allu Arjun plays a significant part in the movie. I’d like to talk to him. How do I go about this? The kids have also received a lot of praise. Children have danced better than Rashmika Mandanna, according to one.

The movie Goodbye, starring Rashmika Mandanna, will also be released soon.

The Hindi film Goodbye, starring Rashmika Mandanna, will also be released soon. In addition to her, Amitabh Bachchan plays a significant role in this movie. Vikas Bahl is the film’s director, and Neena Gupta plays a significant role in it. It is a comedy movie that will be released on October 7th.

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