In the footage, Punjabi actor Aman Dhaliwal can be seen covered in blood after being attacked in an American gym

On social media, a video of Punjab’s well-known actor Aman Dhaliwal, who has starred in movies like Jodha Akbar and Big Brother, is gaining a lot of attention. Aman Dhaliwal may be seen working out in this video in a gym in California, USA. But, a stranger used an axe to attack him.

Aman is seen rescuing himself in this social media sensational video. But, he was hurt while defending himself against the attacker.

Aman Dhaliwal was attacked by a stranger in the US

On the social media site Twitter, a user has shared this video. It was around 9:30 in the morning when this occurrence occurred in the US. An ax-wielding man is seen gripping the actor’s hand in this popular video. I want water is heard being uttered by the man who attacked the actor at the gym.


This attacker is seen threatening the actor throughout. You can see in the video that the actor caught him right away as soon as the person holding his hand’s focus went here and there.

In this video, some of the actor’s gym buddies in California were also seen supporting the actor and restraint the assailant. The person is reportedly being held by authorities at this time.

Aman Dhaliwal got many injuries

Many injuries were sustained by the Punjabi actor in the gym event. You can see for yourself in the video how covered in blood the actor’s forehead is. According to sources, the actor was treated at the hospital right away following the event.

In addition to this trending video, the actor has also been featured in several photographs on social media with numerous wounds on his shoulder, neck, and hand in addition to his head.

Started acting in Sunny Deol’s film

Let us inform you that Aman Dhaliwal, a well-known actor from Punjab, began his career in modelling in 2003. After that, in the year 2007, he had a significant part in Sunny Deol’s movie Big Brother.

In addition to this movie, he appeared in Ashutosh Gowariker’s “Jodha Akbar” in 2008. He portrayed Rajkumar Ratan Singh in this movie. In addition to Punjabi and Hindi films, he has made appearances in TV shows.

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