Priyanka Chopra in Stine Goya Studio and Nick Jonas are a stylish dream team in co-ord outfits

In matching clothes from Stine Goya Studio, Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas make for a chic dream team.
Who doesn’t feel festive right now? As October slowly approaches, it’s becoming a little bit too noisy. Priyanka Chopra is already on board because she attended the Global Citizen event in New York’s Central Park in 2022 and shared some of her festival joys there. Where is the lie that good things always require time? She recently ended up at a party, changed roles, and welcomed two guests with a great pair-style example. The last one is unquestionably a strength of the actress and vocalist while working together.


Their attire was a wink toward reclaiming the spotlight for coordinated ensembles. After all, the combination of comfort and colour is a hallmark of autumn. If you want to keep things lively on stage, imitate what she did by dressing coolly. Her mother did not submit a typical entry, and that merits honourable mention. Our obsession with colour is only getting worse.


Priyanka wore a set from the SS ’23 collection by Stine Goya Studio, which included abstract prints that were primarily vibrantly coloured multicolours. Did anyone ever tell you that blazers only look excellent with the usual pairs of pants? Her cargo pants have an elasticized waistband and two loose pockets. Maeve Reilly, a fashion stylist, provided an edgier vibe just right. The White Tiger actress wore a cropped graphic printed tank top that reflected her mood for the day in an era when we alternate between crop tops and full-sleeved tops. the real purpose of her visit.


Along with her shiny pink lips, colourful eyeshadow, and winged black eyeliner, she looked lovely with straight and slightly wavy hair. Unlike his girlfriend, Nick Jonas opted for a monochromatic crimson outfit. With the shirt and pants on, he looked dapper. He also had double silver chains, a watch, gold rings, black-tinted sunglasses, and black polished shoes on.

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