2015 new year images and pics
18 Jun

2015 Program

Topics of interest in 2015 included: New Masters of Spine: Buyers and Payers, Success and Failures of Cervical Disc Replacement, Proximal Junctional Kyphosis, Ambulatory Surgicenters and Spine Surgery, Spinal Alignment, Cervicothoracic Deformity,...[+]

26 Jun

2014 Program

Our most interesting topics in 2014 included: Big Data, TLIF, Cervical TDR, Thoracolumbar Sagittal Balance, Degenerative Spondylolisthesis, MIS Lateral Approach, Lumbar Controversies, Spinal Fusion Biologics, Complications and Avoidance, Defining...[+]

20 Jun

2013 Program

Topics of interest in 2013 included: Spine Care After Elections, Cervical TDR, Case Presentations, Minimally Invasive Surgery, The Status of BMP, Pedicle Screws are the Gold Standard, Surgical Treatment for DDD, Adult Degenerative Scoliosis, Spine...[+]

21 Jun

2012 Program

Topics of interest in 2012 include: Where do Spine Surgeons Stand Today, Is BMP Safe?, Minimally Invasive Surgery, Complications, Lumbar Fusion Coverage and Reimbursement, Changing Economics in Spine, Value, The Lumbar Disc, The Cervical...[+]

23 Jun

2011 Program

In 2011 our main topics included: Spine in a Post-Reform World, Spine Surgery: Value Proposition, DDD with Low Back Pain, New Technologies, Minimal Invasive Surgery Symposium, Advanced MIS Techniques and Complications, Lumbar DDD, Cervical...[+]

17 Jun

2010 Program

This is the final program from our meeting in 2010. Main topics included: Value of Spine Surgery, Fusion Biologics, Intra-Disc treatments, Nucleus Replacement, Posterior Non-Fusion Devices, Pain Generators, Vertebral Augmentation, Changing Economics...[+]