Ponniyin Selvan box office; Crosses 150 crores overseas, 2nd biggest Kollywood film Overseas and Worldwide

In its first two weeks, Ponniyin Selvan brought in $18.65 million (Rs. 153 crores) from overseas, bringing its total box office receipts to Rs. 433 crores. The movie is 2.0’s closest competitor for the second-highest-grossing Kollywood film in India, overseas, and globally.

Ponniyin Selvan

It still has enough steam to make $20 million, becoming the second Kollywood picture to do so. Still, it could have done it sooner had it not been for the film’s loss of over a million dollars due to unfavorable currency rates. Although the movie is the biggest in traditional markets, it is unlikely to approach 2.0’s final gross of $22 million.

ever from the Tamil movie business. Even though 2.0 only made $3 million in China, where it was released, the funds were enough to retain it in the lead for highest international grosser.

The following are the Kollywood movies that have made the most money abroad:

2.0 – $22,000,000
Ponniyin Selvan, worth $18,65,000,000 (2 weeks)
$15.80 million Vikram
Enthiran: $15,60,000,000
$14.50 million for Kabali

The highest-grossing Kollywood film ever in important markets including the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom is Ponniyin Selvan. It is currently the second-highest-grossing movie in Malaysia, France, the Middle East, and Singapore. In the first two of those regions, it will soon overtake No. 1, while in the latter two, it is expected to remain in second place. The movie has established numerous new standards for Kollywood, including the first $6 million in the United States, $1 million in Australia, and £1 million in the United Kingdom.

Ponniyin Selvan’s international box office receipts are broken down by region as follows:
6,050,000 in North America
3,750,000 for the Middle East
$2,600,000 in Malaysia
Singapore – $1.4 million
$1,000,000 Australia
1.400.000 in the United Kingdom
$600.000 for France
$1,000,000 for Europe
Worldwide – $650,000

Total – $18,650,000 (Rs. 153 crores)

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