Patrick Carney and Michelle Branch have begun therapy: “It’s Helped Us a Great Deal,”

On the Thursday episode of Tamron Hall’s talk program, the singer-songwriter says, “We’re rolling up our sleeves and doing the job, which never sounds like fun, but we’re doing it.”

Michelle Branch claims that she and Patrick Carney are building a road forward through counseling weeks after a rift in their relationship.

Patrick Carney and Michelle Branch

“Recently, my husband and I began counseling, and I wish we had done so six months earlier. I wish we had sought assistance and spoken with someone sooner. In such a short period of time, it has made such a significant effect. This is your signal if anyone is looking out there. Go talk to someone if you’ve been considering it “The 39-year-old singer-songwriter tells Tamron Hall on her talk show’s Thursday broadcast.

“It has been a huge benefit to us. What happened that night is extremely regrettable. The worst night of my life was that one. It has been difficult to have it out in public as I prepare to release a record, but all I can do is be open and honest about what I’m experiencing. I’m not the only one who has experienced this.”

While on tour with The Black Keys in August, Branch wrote and then removed a tweet accusing Carney, 42, of adultery. Shortly after, Branch was detained on suspicion of assaulting Carney at home, an allegation that has since been dropped. Days later, she announced her intention to divorce, saying, “With such young children, I ask for solitude and kindness.” According to Tennessee court records acquired by PEOPLE, Branch and Carney petitioned on Tuesday to put the divorce process on hold for six months while they strive to repair their marriage.

The branch was open and sorry when Hall, 51, inquired about the incidental night. “They aren’t accusations at all! … violence I don’t support using violence. My hubby was given a slap. Not my best experience in life, “She fesses up.

“I’ve only been a mother for seven months, so here I am. This is something that every parent in the room is aware of: stress about work, stress about life, stress about marriage. Additionally, because the blocks were arranged in such a way that I didn’t have time to stop and think about what I was doing, we had gone out that evening to a birthday party. I had consumed a few beers. I kept asking myself, “Is this really happening?” while it happened. What the heck just happened? And you’re experiencing it right now. I probably shouldn’t have Tweeted that, I realize now. Oh, I should not have let my rage overcome me.”

Patrick Carney and Michelle Branch

She went on, “It’s bad that it took this awful, traumatizing experience for things to perhaps [change]. We both agreed that the way we were going was unsustainable. Maybe this will provide us with the resources we need to have our marriage stronger than it’s ever been. We are putting in the effort, which never sounds like enjoyable, but we are nonetheless doing it.”

The branch is still getting ready for the Friday release of her new album, The Trouble with Fever.

Branch recently told PEOPLE with a smile, “If anything, [this incident has] bizarrely thrown the focus on my record more than it probably would’ve gotten. “I’m making lemonade out of lemons, even though it’s not ideal.”

Tamron Hall will broadcast Branch’s entire interview and musical performance on Thursday. For timings, check the local listings.

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