Our pick for best glam is Priyanka Chopra wearing a Lapointe gown

This season, dresses are definitely near the bottom of our list of must-have items. Instead, there’s more to accomplish with ethnic ensembles, particularly since we and brands send you daily dosages of fresh flashes on what you should ogle and try on as soon as possible. But it comes as no surprise that Priyanka Chopra inspired us to return to the topic of gowns, and this reference appears to be a seductive event that will culminate in a charming declaration.

Priyanka Chopra

The continuous fashion of Malti Marie’s mother is the one to observe. She is aware of this, as are you and her surroundings. Her impact on us fashion enthusiasts has been significant and really stunning. Not everybody has the ability to produce stunning appearances, but then, not everyone is Priyanka Chopra. Cozy gowns can be seen everywhere as fall drags on, demonstrating that the actress from The White Tiger is knowledgeable about what to wear and when to wear them.

This morning, the 40-year-old pulled off a strong selfie game once more, and that’s exactly what we saw when we got up. She wore a chartreuse-colored, full-sleeved Lapointe satin dress, which isn’t at all opposite from what you’d want to wear to be warm. A mock collar, ruched drawstring detail at the hip, and a thigh-high slit finished off the Rs. 152,500 outfits.

Priyanka defied convention by donning black sunglasses, ankle-strap stilettos, gold earrings, a watch, and black sunglasses. Nevertheless, her sling bag with a braided design is outstanding. Why not? It’s cute and goes well. The actress from Sky Is Pink completed her appearance with wavy hair, black eyeliner, blush, and cinnamon-hued lipstick.

Priyanka’s appearance receives a MOOD on our OMB scale. How do you feel?

Pinkvilla OMB scale:
O: On-fleek
M: Mood
B: Blah

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