Oscar 2023: ‘RRR’ and ‘The Kashmir Files’ supporters upset by Gujarati film’s entry, told ‘Chhelo Show’ unknown film

The Gujarati film Chhelo Show has been nominated for an Oscar in 2023 by the Indian Film Federation. The Chelo show’s admission was announced, which came as a major shock to fans of RRR and The Kashmir Files.

Oscar 2023

The movie that Bharti will submit for an Oscar nomination in 2023 has been made public. A social media campaign to nominate RRR and The Kashmir Files had been going on for the previous few days, but the Gujarati film Chhelo Show, which would be India’s official entry for 2023, defeated these two films and won the Oscars. referred to in

RRR backers who are upset

Since the announcement of the Chhelo program’s participation in the Oscars in 2023, followers of The Kashmir Files and RRR have expressed amazement on social media and have repeatedly asked which movie this Chhelo show is.

It is devastating that, when the world was going crazy about RRR’s application, the Film Federation of India rejected it and instead nominated an obscure Gujarati film named Chhelo Show for an Oscar in India. chosen to represent the primary entry This demonstrates that South Cinema continues to be humiliated.

Oscar 2023

As expected, once more conveying a message to society, the Gujarati film Chhelo Show has been sent for Oscar, 2023, said one user in jest of the movie’s candidacy.

Fans are still hopeful.

A supporter wrote that RRR still has a chance to be nominated for Best Film and other categories under Parasite at the Oscars during this time.

Gratitude to the jury

At the same time, some fans are upset about Chhelo Show’s official entry into the Oscars in 2023, while others are ecstatic about the entry and are tweeting their joy. He is also expressing his gratitude to the Film Federation of India jury.

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