Opening Weekend Box Office for Vikram Vedha: Hrithik Roshan and Saif Ali Khan’s movie brings in 37.35 crore

The Wednesday Dussehra vacation would be advantageous for Vikram Vedha and should increase sales somewhat. The Comprehensive Box Office Report

Vikram Vedha, starring Hrithik Roshan and Saif Ali Khan, had a weak opening weekend in India, earning only Rs. 37.30 crores. The movie opened on Friday at Rs 10.35 crore, increased to Rs 12.50 crore on Saturday, and then saw another 15% increase on Sunday to finish with a take of around Rs 14.50 crore. Although the film’s performance has improved steadily over the weekend, the increases have not been substantial enough to get it to the anticipated level.

Vikram Vedha

Due to the fact that Sunday was also Gandhi Jayanti Holiday, the surge should have been much greater to bring the movie closer to the Rs 17 crore mark. Mass appeal films frequently outperform on this day, and who better to observe this than Hrithik Roshan? The Monday test will determine the direction the movie will take in the coming days, so all eyes are now on that. Hold on Monday will determine if it reaches or stays around the Rs 75 crore threshold.

Speaking of performance, Vikram Vedha has had good success with national multiplex chains in major cities, but the mass belts have not joined in. This comes as a surprise considering that the trailer was edited with a large audience in mind and is packed with dialogue and action. The Vikram Vedha weekend in the north may have received Rs 40 crore more had there been better support from mass belts. Gujarat’s market has also struggled, and the Narvatri season is a major factor in this (in addition to the dark theme). Perhaps better results would have come from an October 5 release. For more information on Vikram Vedha’s box office performance, keep checking Pinkvilla.

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