Noah Schnapp from Stranger Things says he ‘guilt-tripped’ THIS singer into following him back on Instagram.

When he and his best friend, Millie Bobby Brown, appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Noah Schnapp made a shocking disclosure! While Millie was promoting her most recent film, Enola Holmes 2, Noah played a hilarious game of True Confessions with Jimmy Fallon and his Stranger Things co-star. Fallon lied about himself: “LeBron James called me from the court during a game,” while Brown chose to be honest about herself: “I sneak my pet rabbit into hotels.” Regarding Schnapp.

Noah Schnapp

Shawn Mendes was “guilt-tripped” by Noah Schnapp into returning the favor on Instagram.
As he admitted,
“I guilt-tripped Shawn Mendes into following me back on Instagram,” Noah Schnapp chose a truth about himself. Millie Bobby Brown couldn’t help but make a joke about her best friend as the studio crowd erupted in laughter: “This is something he would do.” Brown questioned why Schnapp guilt-tripped the Grammy-nominated musician and why Mendes didn’t want to follow him after explaining how the incident occurred one to two years prior: “Well, he followed everyone else in the cast but me. [Fallon gasped with disbelief, Shaun Mendes! Yeah. He followed you, Sadie Sink, Gaten Matarazzo, Caleb McLaughlin, and everyone else (points to Brown). Then I thought, “What the heck! Why follows everyone else but me? He didn’t like me. [laughs]”

Then, Millie Bobby Brown remarked, “Oh, he’s bitter!,” and Jimmy Fallon concurred, “Yeah, he’s mad! What’s Shawn Mendes’ problem?!” As Millie laughed and accused Noah of lying, Jimmy questioned, “So then, how did you get a hold of Shawn Mendes? Guilt-trip -” To which, Schnapp replied, “I DMed him and I was like, ‘I That’s what you told him? ‘”]”

Noah Schnapp

Next, Jimmy Fallon made a funny accusation, “The person must be following you in order for you to DM them. He is lying.” In response to Fallon’s error, Millie Bobby Brown and Noah Schnapp as well as the studio audience erupted in laughter: “Wait, did I just reveal how old I am? [laughs] Okay. I believed you needed to follow one another to DM.” While teaching Jimmy how to DM anyone, Noah joked that Jimmy had in fact displayed his age. Jimmy, who was perplexed, questioned innocently, “You can DM anyone?” a mortified Millie cried, exaggeratingly, “Jimmy, Jimmy stopped. Stop right now.” Fallon’s adorable gaffe brought out righteous laughs from everyone!

In reference to the Shawn Mendes incident, Noah Schnapp answered, “He replied, ‘Oh, what’s up, man. Like, I love you so much.'” Millie Bobby Brown concurred, noting that Mendes uses the pronoun “man” frequently because he is a fellow Canadian. While Brown acknowledged, “Oh, I’m sweating,” Jimmy Fallon applauded, “Shawn, well, he’s a very kind man, Shawn.”

Noah Schnapp

Later, Jimmy Fallon questioned Noah Schnapp about his most recent conversation with Shawn Mendes on Instagram. Noah replied, “I called him the other day.” Jimmy and Millie Bobby Brown both laughed at this, pointing out Schnapp’s fabrication. Fallon countered with a chuckle, “If you have him on and are DMing, why would you call him? It’s a lie, I’m going to say, and Millie concurred.”

Noah Schnapp said, rising up and dropping the mic, “It’s… the truth.” Jimmy Fallon yelled as “What?! Wow! Acting. Acting. Mastermind. Millie Bobby Brown gasped in shock at her best buddy, Noah Schnapp: “Oh, my God!”

Below, watch a funny True Confessions game played by Jimmy Fallon, Millie Bobby Brown, and Noah Schnapp on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon:

Noah Schnapp’s honest admission had us in fits of laughter nonstop!

Drama in Instagram DMs between Doja Cat and Noah Schnapp
This isn’t the first time that Noah Schnapp has been publicly associated with some trouble concerning Instagram DMs, aside from a recent uncomfortable video exchange mistake with Hannah Godwin from The Bachelor.
In a TikTok video from back in July, Noah shared his private DMs conversation with Doja, in which the Grammy Award winner requested that the SAG Award winner tell his Stranger Things co-star Joseph Quinn to “hmu.” (Call me.) Cat yelled at Schnapp asIn a TikTok video, Noah explained his “borderline snake s**t” dance while Doja Cat ft. “Guys everything is all good I apologized and I still follow her and enjoy her music no hard feelings,” he said in SZA’s Kiss Me More, the song for which he expressed regret to Doja.

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