New Winner on “America’s Got Talent” The Mayyas, a Lebanese dance group, win season 17

The Mayyas defeated the other 10 finalists, who included the singer Drake Milligan, pole dancer Kristy Sellars, the AI group Metaphysic, and the country quartet Chapel Hart, to win Sofa Vergara’s Golden Buzzer.

America's Got Talent

The new winner of America’s Got Talent has been announced!

The Mayyas was crowned the America’s Got Talent season 17 winner of the competition series following weeks of competition. The Lebanese female dance group wins the top prize, which includes a $1 million cash reward and a headline performance at the Luxor Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

The Mayyas originally captured America’s attention during their jaw-dropping audition, which caused Sofa Vergara, the judge, to hit the Golden Buzzer.

The ensemble performed another mesmerising dance routine during the live events, which Simon Cowell, another judge and executive producer, predicted would “transform the world.”

After the live show performance, Heidi Klum, a fellow judge, told PEOPLE, “They’re Vegas ready – I would go and watch them.” “I find them to be amazing. They are the costumes. It has these “wow” moments. It’s eerie and similar to memorization. In a manner, they hypnotise you.”

Howie Mandel, another judge, concurred, saying, “I think that by far, for me personally, it is perhaps the most spectacular, wonderful act I have seen in my years on this show.” “You cannot compare it to anything. It was incredible. It was simply stunning, captivating, hypnotising, and forceful. Then consider where they are from, the culture there, the challenges they face, and the challenges that women face globally in general. They should serve as the faces of female emancipation.”

Nadim Cherfan, the founder of the organisation, has stated PEOPLE: “Everything about it is fantastic. We must chew our food. Even though we were unable to suppress our emotions, the judges’ comments gave us a tremendous confidence boost.”

The group gave the finale on Wednesday another outstanding performance. Later, Cherfan told PEOPLE that they were “proud of themselves” for what they had done.

From the Golden Buzzer to the semifinals and finally the finals, “every part of this journey was incredibly remarkable,” he stated. “The topic has moved past the title. It’s about conveying a far larger message to our people in order to inspire self-belief and provide hope for our nation as it enters a difficult period.”

America's Got Talent

Excitement peaked before the results were revealed during Wednesday’s finale.

After an energetic performance by Light Balance and Black Eyed Peas, the judges and host Terry Crews praised the season 17 finalists’ final performances.

The top 11 acts, included The Mayyas, magician Nicolas Ribs, singer Sara James, AI group Metaphysic, saxophonist Avery Dixon, country band Chapel Hart, pole dancer Kristy Sellars, magician Yu Hojin, comedian Mike E. Winfield, country singer Drake Milligan, and singing ventriloquist Celia Muoz, then had the opportunity to perform once more.

While Milligan sang with fellow country singer Jon Pardi and Chapel Hart sang with Darius Rucker, Ribs and Hojin performed magic alongside previous AGT winner magician Shin Lim. Winfield was given the opportunity to take part in a Cowell comedic roast with the assistance of Jeff Ross and another season 17 comedian Tom McMillian, Mr. Pants, and Lace Larrabee.

America's Got Talent

Sellars and The Mayyas put on a spellbinding performance, and Muoz played alongside fellow ventriloquists and AGT alumni Darci Lynne and Terry Fator. James sang with the Black Eyed Peas, while Dixon finished the show with Trombone Shorty. During the finale, renowned actor Henry Winkler also made a cameo.

The Top 5 acts were revealed later in the evening and included Milligan, Sellars, Metaphysic, The Mayyas, and Chapel Hart.

From there, Sellars took second place, Metaphysic took fourth, Milligan took third, and Chapel Hart took fifth.

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