Navratri 2022: Know how celebrations enhance our mental health

In the majority of the country, the Navratri festival is a big deal. There is a good vibe all around us because of this nine-day festival. This holiday is widely observed throughout the nation, especially after two years. Joy and enthusiasm are brought by festivals. Festivals, according to experts, are good for our mental health.

People ignore their problems at this time and let themselves be painted in the festival’s colors. You can participate in a variety of activities, such as Garba Nights and trips to Durga Puja pandals. We are all made joyful at heart by delectable cuisine, quality time with loved ones, and a joyous atmosphere.

Navratri 2022

Festivals help to alleviate mental health issues, such as stress

Our mental health is impacted by activities like decorating the house for holidays, preparing for the event, taking care of our skin, and dressing in new clothes. Even when we grow weary of doing all of these things, they nonetheless provide mental and physical relaxation. The amount of stress hormones decreases. Your heart beats faster and your restlessness disappears when you attend events and interact with people.

Festivals are like art therapy

You can experience festivals’ therapeutic effects if you truly engage in them. Decorating your home is a therapeutic way to decorate oneself. This alleviates depression and fills your spirit with genuine joy. According to research, comfort is provided by makeup or house furnishings. This lessens mental stress and prevents the emergence of negative thoughts.

confidence grows

It gives you a sense of security and strength when you take care of your appearance, especially when you use cosmetics. Whatever the situation, wearing nice clothes and doing makeup will help you feel more confident.

oxytocin hormone

When we dress, our body releases the oxytocin hormone. It is also known as the “cuddle hormone,” as it promotes growth, healing, and happy emotions.

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