NAVRATRI 2021.DURGASTMI: Significance, date, timing, muhart, and everything related to all you need.

Navratri 2021 durgastami: the conferring happiness Hindu festival is Navratri. you must know about the eighth day of the auspicious Hindu festival.

Durgastami 2021

Navratri’s eighth day is known as Ashtami or durgastami. this is a very auspicious day for Hindus. the devotees of maa Durga worship goddess mahagauri. Navratri is dedicated that all nine forms of goddess Durga.


From the spiritual heritage. the Hindu customs believe, durgastami begin with mahasnan and they grand bath to rid themselves of impurities. from the first day by ritually establishing nine small pots to invoke nine Shaktis of goddess Durga and then they are worshipped during durgastami/mahashtami puja. devotees offer goddess mahagauri with black chickpeas, halwa, puri and most important yellow blossoms. devotees also wearing yellow or white cloths while worshipping the goddess, 108 earthen lamps are lit to appease the mahagauri and seek her blessings during the aarti.

Date of Durgastami is also known as is celebrating this year on 13th October. Hindus and all people celebrate the Durga is also known as Ashtami or durgastami.

Goddess mahagauri blesses devotees with fearlessness.


According to Drik panchang, Durgastmai will begin at 9:57 pm on October 12 and will end at 8:08 pm on October 13.

According to Hindu customs, young, unmarried girls worshipping the goddess on this day. that is also known as kumari puja. devotees believe that this kumari is a manifestation of maa Durga. during the puja, worshipers wash their feet, offer them red dupatta, bangles and a few other tokens of gratitude.

Maa Durga represents purity, calmness,wisdom and austerity.Goddess mahagauri, depicted with four arms and sitting on a caw, has the power to fulfil all the desires of her devices and blesses them with fearlessness. those people worship the goddess, they get relief from all the problems in his/her life.

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