Mosquito Bite: If mosquitoes bite you a lot, then these 5 strange reasons may be behind it

Mosquito populations begin to rise following rain. They not only spread diseases like dengue and malaria that can be fatal, but they also bite and harass everyone. If you get frequent mosquito bites, consider the potential causes.

Mosquito Bite

Why do mosquitoes bite?

Contrary to popular belief, mosquitoes do not feed by biting humans; instead, they consume plant material. Only female mosquitoes sucking our blood do so to obtain protein that is good for their eggs.

Blood type

Since mosquitoes bite people for their blood, it is a popular misconception that certain types of blood attract mosquitoes more than others. Numerous studies indicate that humans with type O blood are the most appetizing to mosquitoes, yet there is no conclusive evidence to support this.

Clothing color

Mosquitoes make the most of their eyes when looking for human blood to suck on. This indicates that a mosquito can easily see humans who are walking and wearing dark clothing, such as black, blue, or red. Black attracts mosquitoes, according to a study, but the little investigation has been done into why.

Carbon dioxide

Mosquitoes may attack anyone using sight and scent. When we breathe in and exhale carbon dioxide, mosquitoes swiftly sniff the person and turn the victim into prey. According to research in the journal Chemical Senses, mosquitoes can detect carbon dioxide up to 164 feet away using an organ known as the maxillary palp. Therefore, those who exercise or breathe heavily are more likely to get bit by mosquitoes.

Body odor and sweating

Not simply carbon dioxide, but a wide variety of chemicals and compounds, attract mosquitoes. Mosquitoes can bite people because they are drawn to the smell of chemicals in perspiration and on human skin, such as lactic, uric, and ammonia.


Studies have shown that drinking even small amounts of beer makes mosquitoes more troublesome. Before you turn away from beer, let us remind you that this study only included 14 participants. That is, you can somewhat lure mosquitoes to you by drinking beer.

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