Map The progression of Darshan Raval from discovering inspiration in his native country to sparking his passion for music

The traditional routes to fame have been altered by an artist who has worked incredibly hard to become one of India’s newest musical sensations with a thriving web presence. Singer Darshan Raval is a reality TV star who rose to fame after penning a song for Salman Khan. His voice has a genuine touch that may make you cry. The Ahmedabad-born, Mumbai-based artist who began writing music at a young age recalls, “I spent the first 18 years of my life in Ahmedabad, and whatever inspiration I discovered there poured music into my heart and everything was really valuable.”

Darshan Raval

His parents and friends inspired him to pursue his life’s purpose. “The first song was named “Sadiyo Purani,” and my family and friends really enjoyed that song and encouraged me, so that’s where it started,” the singer explains. I wanted to write and create because I thought the time was right to do so.

“I have a lovely memory of contacting my mum and asking her to make dinner while it was monsoon season. I would then return home, eat, and sing and converse with her as it rained outside. “We were contacting people to get passes and people were calling us to get passes, but that excitement and tension and then eventually the first day of Navratri of meeting all the friends, that enthusiasm I can never forget,” he recalls of his earliest memories of Navratri.

Darshan Raval

Darshan hasn’t had any formal instruction in music. He started by uploading videos to YouTube, then moved on to doing covers of well-known songs, which aided in the covers’ rise to fame. As he continues, “When I arrived at the reality show it was then when people saw me and heard me for the first time and there were steps to a lot of things.” He discusses how the television singing competition in 2014 was a pivotal moment in his life. His first commercially successful indie song, Tera Zikr, was followed by “Jab tum chaho,” from the film Prem Ratan Dhan Payo, which marked his significant Bollywood breakthrough in 2015.

However, artists, like everyone else, have always found it most difficult to climb the first rung of success. He remembers his first battle and says, “The first obstacle that any musician in India must overcome is convincing their parents that music—or any other artistic endeavor—is a career. Being a doctor or engineer is not for everyone. I obviously had no notion as a child where I would wind up, but it did.” But throughout it all, Darshan’s parents had stayed by his side ceaselessly. He claims, “My mother’s love and support to me and her asking me to be a decent human always and do whatever I love has truly helped me become who I am now.”

Darshan Raval

When he thinks back to the time when he was inspired by famous people and aspired to be like them, he says, “I was a small-town guy who used to open concerts and give performances in front of notable musicians like Javed Ali and Benny Dayal. I was awestruck by the performances they used to have as I saw them perform so well. Even though I only briefly interacted with them, I felt inspired to perform as brilliantly as they do on stage one day.”

Darshan thinks that it is because of our daily challenges that our ascent to the top is so beautiful. Everyone struggles and I never want to shout out my struggles very loudly since I’ve appreciated and enjoyed them. If given the chance, I’d want to do everything again because it helped shape who I am today, he says with a smile.

As an artist matures, he gains knowledge from others and experiences while working in the field. Speaking about his experiences in the music industry, he adds, “I think that in the music business, people are always creating music for the audiences, and it’s something very great because we work for the audience experience and we connect with people through their hearts. There are many cover versions of songs, which is a disadvantage. The proportion of original songs should exceed that of covers.

Through time, music has become considerably more personal. Now that they have almost total control over what they hear and when they hear it, listeners are no longer limited by the tastes of radio DJs they have never met. Based on his experience and what the business has taught him, he has a strong belief in the virtue of patience. Good things take time, and you have to wait and work for them, he says.

Darshan Raval

Simply following their feelings and staying true to their craft is what he advises artists. The singer thinks that people are drawn to him and love him so much because they can identify with his words and his innermost feelings. Occasionally I

He exhorts creatives to simply do what comes naturally to them and be true to their craft. According to the artist, the reason why people are with him and adore him so much is that they can relate to what he says and how he truly feels. He ends by saying, “I’ve sometimes never been able to express to others what I feel, but I could only do it through my music and I was true to that.

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