Mahatma Gandhi Bapu’s statue has been sitting in the store for ten years, accumulating dust.

Jammu. The statue of Mahatma Gandhi, the country’s freedom-giver, has been in place in the ancient Mubarak Mandi for years and hasn’t been taken out of the Archaeological Department’s store even ten years later. Even now, the statue is sitting in the shop collecting dust. The department has not made the decision to restore it.

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The historical Mubarak Mandi’s Darbar-e-Aam now houses the statue of the nation’s founding father. Maharaja Hari Singh was anointed king in this Darbar-e-Aam, where he also frequently met with his subjects to discuss their issues. After the Mahatma Gandhi statue was erected, this location’s significance grew even further. This used to be the focal point of Gandhi Jayanti celebrations in Jammu. The idol was taken down in the name of renovation, but it has still not been replaced as of this writing. In 2012, the statue was taken down but was unable to be put back up. A demand is made in this regard every year, but no action has been taken.

Make Gandhi’s Habitat a national landmark.
It was historic when Mahatma Gandhi visited Jammu and Kashmir. It is important to develop the rest stops along their path from Baramulla to RS Pura as heritage assets. slept at Resham Ghar, a guesthouse owned by Jagannath and Kud Sharma in Ambala, Jammu. The general manager of Ranbir Printing Press was Jagannath Sharma. This home is still standing in Ambaphala, but it is presently used as the Cooperative Public School.

SP Verma, a local citizen, along with nine other recipients of the Padma Shri award, will receive the Mahatma Gandhi Seva Award at the Darbar-e-Aam in the venerable Mubarak Mandi. Nine persons will be awarded the Mahatma Gandhi Seva Puraskar for their contributions to the Gandhian path. This also applies to women and young people.

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