KBC: The season’s youngest competitor will take the hot seat and pose these amusing questions regarding Aaradhya to Amitabh Bachchan.

The most talked-about reality program right now is the popular quiz show “Kaun Banega Crorepati.” Amitabh Bachchan discusses some of his experiences during the show in addition to asking the participants questions. The participants who arrive are entertained by the stories he also shares in the middle of the show. A new KBC Season 14 promotional video was recently released by Sony TV. Amitabh is heard in the video statement that Vaishali Kumari, the contender who is the youngest ever, is seated in front of him. The new advertisement is amusing viewers quite a bit. Along with asking Vaishali a few questions, Amitabh discloses how he persuades an irate Aaradhya in this.


Vaishnavi is given the task of promoting films in.

In the advertisement, Amitabh appears to be really taken with Vaishali. Amitabh promises her that she will market her next movie there when Vaishali reveals to her that she writes the material. This is said, but, in a humorous manner. Vaishali, who is in the hot seat, also questions Big B on how he manages to spend time with Aaradhya after the shoot when he is always in between takes. In response, Amitabh claims he is completely unable to give Aaradhya any time. She is enraged by this. He is adept at winning over an irate Aaradhya, though.

This is how Big B celebrates Aaradhya in Kbc.

Amitabh mentioned Aaradhya’s love for the colour pink. Therefore, Big B provides a pink hair band anytime she is furious with him to persuade her. She becomes happy at seeing this, and all of her annoyance vanishes.

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