Kantara box office collections; Beats KGF 2 again on 2nd Tuesday, Passes 50 crores in India and Karnataka

Kantara is just unstoppable because it enjoyed another outstanding day at the box office, not losing any ground from the day before. On its second Tuesday, the movie earned an additional Rs. 4 crores in Karnataka. The second Tuesday exceeded KGF Chapter 2, which made Rs. 3 crores on the same day earlier this year, just like the second Monday had.


The movie has made an estimated Rs. 26.50 crores in just five days of the second week, surpassing its first-week earnings. As the movie isn’t showing any symptoms of declining today either, the complete second week is expected to bring in between Rs. 33.50 and 34 crores. The movie has earned a total of Rs. 52.75 crores at the box office, of which Rs. 50.50 crores have come from Karnataka. In the state, the movie has surpassed KGF 2 (Rs. 171.50 crores), RRR (Rs. 86 crores), and 777 Charlie to become the fourth-highest earner of the year (Rs. 51 crores).

Today, it will be crossing 777 Charlie and very likely beating RRR as well. Even Rs. 100 crores are currently possible given how the movie is performing, but much will rely on how it does in the third week. If weekday performance is any indication, the film can easily surpass Rs. 20 crores in the third week and exceed Rs. 100 crores in Karnataka.

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The following table details Kantara’s box office earnings in India:

Week One: 26.25 crores of rupees

Second Friday: 4.25 crores
Second Saturday: Rs. 6.25 billion
Second Sunday: 7.25 crores
Second Monday: 4.50 crores
Tuesday the second: Rs. 4.25 crores

Total: 52.75 crores of rupees

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