Jethalal forgets to pay the maintenance check in Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah, and Bhide becomes enraged

When Jethalal neglects to pay the maintenance check, Bhide becomes irate.


Bapuji queries who is calling when Jethalal receives one. Bhide phones again when Jethalal attempts to avoid him and responds that it is his. When Bapuji asks him to take the call, Jethalal picks it up and tells him to hang up because he is enjoying breakfast. Jethalal returns Bhide’s call and informs him that he won’t receive his iron box until later in the evening before hanging up.

Jethalal avoids Bhide

Bhide questions why he is lying and resolves to get Jethalal’s punishment whatever of the circumstances; otherwise, he will resign from his position as a secretary. When Bapuji meets Bhide outside, Bhide informs him that the maintenance check wasn’t paid. He is reminded by Bapuji that Jethalal wrote the check. Bhide informs him that he mistyped the date. He must call Jethalal and inquire about the iron box, according to Bapuji.

Bapuji learns about Jethalal’s lie

Jethalal answers the phone when Bhide calls and informs him that he will send the maintenance check but that he cannot discuss the banner in front of Bapuji because he will yell at him. Through the phone, Bapuji screams at him, then storms into his home to scream at Jethalal. Jethalal claims that he was prepared to offer but changed his mind due to Bhide’s jeers on the previous date. At Jethalal, Bapuji screams. Bhide issues a warning, advising him to submit the check on time, pay the fine, or risk losing his job.

Madhavi is concerned about Jethalal and Bhide. When Bhide gets home, he tells her what occurred. Jethalal contacts Bhide and queries the reason behind his telling Bapuji. According to Bhide, he couldn’t lie to Bapuji. Bhide warns him by stating that the board of the society would note his irresponsibility. Jethalal cautions him from doing so since he will hand him the check.

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