J-Hope from BTS joins Crush for a powerful “Rush Hour” collaboration.

Fans of BTS and Crush may celebrate as the two artists have teamed up to deliver a once-in-a-lifetime duet. The song, titled “Rush Hour,” was released on September 22 as the digital single from Crush’s fourth mini-album, “With Her.” Crush, a soloist, and J-Hope, a member of BTS, have realized their long-standing friendship through the development of a song that is wonderful in its sense of magic and that combines the appeal of the two varied musicians.



It has a funky beat that channels the two’s fusion as they each contribute top-notch artistic ability. The opening beats have hints of J-official Hope’s solo debut album “Jack In The Box,” leading us to question if the two works were produced concurrently.

In “Rush Hour,” J-slick Hope’s rap flow is combined with Crush’s insanely amazing vocals. It also incorporates elements of a current dance and BTS’s “MIC Drop,” as previously hinted at. The song is a simple listen and a perfect addition to our weekend playlist. It has an old-school diner atmosphere with moving autos and a dance squad.

Crush surprised his fans by revealing his plans to collaborate with J-Hope for his first comeback since being released from the military as he prepared to release his fourth mini-album, “With Her.” The vocalist of “Beautiful,” speaking on their decision to collaborate, stated, “We’ve been talking a lot about music with each other for a long time. And as I was getting ready for my new song, I discovered that we had similar musical aspirations and ideas. I then proposed that he join me.

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