Inside the opulent Hyderabad home of Mahesh Babu; 5 photos

We give you a behind-the-scenes look at Mahesh Babu’s opulent Jubilee Hills home in Hyderabad.

Mahesh Babu

Mahesh Babu is a star in Tollywood, and his followers are devoted to learning about any new developments in his personal life. The Spyder actor understands how to balance it all, whether it’s his films, his opulent family vacations, his children, or his property. He is referred to as the “Prince of Tollywood,” and a prince can only reside in a palace, right? This takes us to the day’s subject. We will give you a brief tour of the celebrity’s opulent residence today.

Mahesh Babu is a sensation in Tollywood, and his followers are eager to learn about any changes in the actor’s personal life. The Spyder actor knows how to balance everything, whether it be his movies, lavish family vacations, kids, or house. He is frequently referred to as the “Prince of Tollywood,” and how can a prince reside somewhere other than a castle? This brings up the subject for today. Today, we’ll take you on a brief tour of the celebrity’s opulent home.

The superstar’s home combines comfort and style with stylish leather accents, oak panels, and expansive open areas. Mahesh Babu and his family post pictures of their opulent home on social media. Let’s visit his idyllic home.

Indoor swimming pool

Mahesh Babu

The home of Mahesh Babu boasts a Jacuzzi in addition to an indoor pool. Large French windows also surround the pool, offering a stunning view of the outside. Many pictures of them relaxing in the pool can be found online if we scroll down their Instagram handle.

Kids room

Mahesh Babu8

Today, famous children are frequently homeschooled, and Sitara and Gautam are no exception. Their rooms are created to provide the ideal environment for studying and playing with this in mind. But the two rooms are completely dissimilar from one another. The decor in Gautam’s room is contemporary and beautiful. Sitara’s room, on the other hand, is filled with pink and has a lively atmosphere.

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Rustic outdoor lounge

Mahesh Babu

It’s crucial to make time for your loved ones in the middle of busy life, and Mahesh Babu’s home provides the ideal setting. It features a beautiful outlook and a rustic outdoor lounge with wooden furnishings. The family frequently hangs out in the lounge with their pets and one another, and they frequently post images of it on social media.

The pooja room

Mahesh Babu

Without a room for prayer, a house is not complete. The home of Mahesh Babu also features a stunning pooja area for religious ceremonies. This room maintains the lavish-yet-cozy theme of the rest of the property. With big windows behind the mandap for light and ventilation, it mostly consists of marble and wood. In their social media posts, the couple frequently depicts themselves praying.

Living room

Let’s now discuss the living room. The living room, one of the most important rooms of any house, is furnished elegantly with dark wood. The space is very large because it is used for family gatherings and hosting guests. In addition to other activities, the family is seen playing video games and watching movies together in this room during their free time.

Mahesh Babu

For the uninitiated, Mahesh Babu wed Namrata Shirodkar on February 10, 2005, and the two have been relationship goals ever since. They welcomed their first child, a son they called Gautam, a year later. They once again embraced parenting after six years, and this time they were fortunate to have a daughter named Sitara.

We have now completed our tour of Mahesh Babu’s home.

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