Indian Rules To Be Maintained By Foreign Universities: UGC Chairman on Proposed HEI Establishment Regulations

The establishment and management of campuses for foreign higher education institutions (HEIs) in India was discussed in an interview with the media by Professor Mamidala Jagadesh Kumar, Chairman of the University Grants Commission (UGC).

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New Delhi: Professor Mamidala Jagadesh Kumar, the chairman of the University Grants Commission (UGC), engaged in media interaction regarding the establishment and administration of campuses for foreign higher education institutions (HEIs) in India. According to the UGC Chairman, international institutions will follow the rules established by the Commission and Indian law. In accordance with Indian laws and regulations, they will be required to maintain annual reports and accounts.

Foreign HEIs must register online on the UGC website in order to open campuses in India. Foreign universities must construct campuses in India within two years and start operations within 45 days of receiving the Commission’s final permission. The UGC’s endorsement is good for ten years. The institutions have one more year (after nine years of operation) to seek for renewal after presenting their performance report and after the Commission has verified it.

Without prior approval from the UGC, Foreign HEIs are not permitted to end any programme or campus in order to protect the interests of students. Any institution that disregards or violates the rules created by the Commission will be penalised, and the UGC has the authority to stop the operations of such HEIs.

According to the UGC draught, international higher education institutions would be categorised based on their placements among the top 500 universities worldwide and those foreign institutions that do not take part in the global ranking but have excellent reputations in their own countries. To establish campuses in India, foreign institutions must meet the UGC’s qualifying requirements. However, these universities can only open campuses in India with the Commission’s blessing.

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