IDF World Dairy Summit 2022: Prime Minister Modi opened the summit in Greater Noida and referred to the milk industry as a component of business culture.

IDF World Dairy Summit
The World Dairy Summit 2022 was officially opened on Monday by Prime Minister Narendra_Modi at the India Expo Mart and Center in Greater Noida. His arrival in Noida is being handled with strict security. Two thousand police officers have been assigned to duty in the sake of security.

animal vaccination made in a native culture

According to PM Modi, the illness known as Lumpy has recently caused livestock losses in numerous Indian states. It is being resisted by the federal government and many state governments. Additionally, our experts have created a native vaccination for lumpy skin disease.

universal animal vaccination is being emphasised.

According to PM Modi, diversity is crucial in agriculture and is preferable to monoculture. The care of animals falls under this as well. As a result, both indigenous and hybrid breeds are being given attention in India today. Animal immunisation is something we emphasise in India as well. We have decided that by 2025, we will vaccinate all animals against Brucellosis and Foot and Mouth Disease. By the end of this decade, we want to be completely free of these diseases.

Utilizing technology to identify animals using their biometrics

India, according to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, is creating the world’s largest database of dairy animals. Every animal connected to the dairy industry has tags on them. We identify animals using their biometrics thanks to contemporary technologies. We gave it the term animal basis.

The dairy sector is being expanded through ongoing efforts.

According to PM Modi, since 2014, our government has been working nonstop to maximise the potential of India’s dairy industry. Today’s results can be seen in anything from higher milk output to farmer revenue.

The real decision-makers in India’s dairy industry are women.

According to PM Modi, women make up 70% of the labour in India’s dairy industry. The real decision-makers in India’s dairy industry are women. In India, dairy cooperatives have a higher than average proportion of female members. India generated 146 million tonnes of milk in 2014. Currently, it stands at 210 million tonnes. That represents an increase of nearly 44%.

In India, Dairy Cooperative has a vast network.

According to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, there is currently such a vast network of dairy cooperatives in India that it is impossible to locate an example of one elsewhere in the world. These dairy cooperatives distribute milk to customers after collecting it twice daily from more than two lakh villages and around two crore farmers.

Small farmers are the real backbone of India’s dairy industry.

IDF World Dairy Summit

According to PM Modi, small farmers in India are the real strength of the dairy business, unlike other wealthy nations in the globe. More than “mass production,” “production by masses” best describes the dairy industry in India. More than 70% of the money collected from clients goes directly into the pockets of the farmers because there is no middleman involved in the entire process. No other nation in the world has such a high ratio.

The primary source of income for millions of individuals

In his speech during the opening ceremony, Prime Minister Modi noted that the dairy industry’s potential not only boosts the rural economy but also provides a significant portion of the world’s population with a living.

Purushottam Rupala: This conference is being organised after 50 years.

Purushottam Rupala, Union Minister for Fisheries, Animal Husbandry, and Dairy, stated, “This conference is being held after almost 50 years, and when this conference was held in 1974, our milk production was 23 million tonnes, and today, when we are holding this conference, There has been an increase of 220 million tonnes, i.e. 10 times milk.”

IDF World Dairy Summit 2022: PM Modi will open the “International Dairy Federation World Dairy Summit 2022” after “Maha-churning” on milk today.

The International Dairy Federation World Dairy Conference 2022 will be officially opened by Prime Minister Narendra Modi today (12 September 2022). At the India Expo Center & Mart in Greater Noida, the event will begin at 10:30 am. The IDF World Dairy Summit-2022 will begin with an opening address by the PM. It will continue till September 15. Dairies from India and people from all around the world will take part in this. In addition, programme participants will include specialists, farmers, business leaders, and policymakers. Dairy for Nutrition and Livelihoods was the conference’s main topic.

Additionally, there will be something special for the average individuals involved in the milk business.

In this case, IDF WDS 2022 will also highlight the success of the Indian dairy industry. 23 percent of the milk consumed worldwide comes from India. In India, 210 million tonnes of milk are produced annually, resulting in the strength and independence of 80 million dairy farmers. From this conference, Indian dairy farmers will learn a lot about the top systems, technologies, etc. in the globe. Sakar spent a lot of time getting ready for this programme. The fact that the PM is personally reaching out to begin the programme gives an indication of its importance. In addition to this, Yogi Adityanath, the chief executive of Uttar Pradesh, had arrived a day before to assess the preparations for the programme.

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