How Emily Ratajkowski Feels About Brad Pitt After Going on a ‘Few Dates’ With Him

According to People, the speculated possible romance between Emily Ratajkowski and Brad Pitt is truly romantic, and the actress is also a fan of Ratajkowski.

Emily Ratajkowski

After four years of marriage and allegations of infidelity from her spouse Sebastian Bear-McClard, Ratajkowski filed for divorce last month. She struggled with the split, but has truly loved her time with Pitt while she heals and begins dating again, a source close to her told People.

The breakup “was heartbreaking and unexpected. She is ecstatic to have come out on the other side at this point, the person claimed. She’s doing fine. She finds Brad to be incredible. She is rather taken with him after a few dates.

When she talks about Brad, she is really adorable. He seems like a gentleman to her. The timing has actually been ideal for her.

Emily Ratajkowski

Although the actor is now unmarried, Ratajkowski and Pitt “have had a few dates,” according to a person close to Pitt. This is the first time a source has explicitly stated that the two had a love relationship.

“He met Emily through an acquaintance in the art world. Although there is interest, nothing significant is happening, the source continued. She is definitely beautiful and very interested in art. They have enough to discuss.

and always have a blast when they get together. When they are separated, they remain in contact.

Ratajkowski hasn’t made any comments about Pitt, but she did air her concerns over the weekend about the Pitt-produced movie Blonde. I haven’t seen the Marilyn Monroe film Blonde, but I’ve heard a lot about it, so I’m not surprised to learn that it fetishizes female anguish even in death. We enjoy fetishizing female suffering. Consider Amy Winehouse. Just consider Britney Spears. Take a look at how preoccupied we are with Diana’s passing, as well as dead girls and serial killers. Any CSI episode you watch will show this bizarre fetishization of female suffering and death.

Emily Ratajkowski

And I think that as a woman—I can say for myself with certainty—I learned how to fetishize my own sorrow, my own hurt, and my life such that it seemed like something that could be cared to that was sort of attractive and I was like this, oh, fucked-up girl, whatever. “And I believe we accomplish that in a wide variety of ways. But I’d want to see that change. What is kind of challenging to fetishize, in my opinion? Anger. Because it’s difficult to fetishize anger, I have an idea. We should all be a little more enraged, in my opinion.

off. I’m about to enter the bitch period. My era, my bitch, is 2022. I believe we need to be living in the bitch period. I’ll be upset when I watch this movie since I already know what will happen, it’s nothing new, and I’ll just be angry.

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