Here’s how to quit bad relationships and attract the love you deserve

A man alone, having some time to himself We periodically compromise for relationships that are less rewarding than what we deserve due to self-esteem issues or insecurities, and sometimes we are unconscious that we are doing so. However, if you frequently give the impression that you are in an unhappy relationship, it can be a sign that you would rather be with someone than by yourself. But the reality is that in a healthy relationship, you won’t ever feel as though your values or worth have been compromised. Even if not all of your hopes and expectations are realised, your needs are usually met in a variety of ways.

relationships and attract

Continue reading to discover how to stop settling for second-best and start getting what you truly desire to be happy in love.

1. Be more demanding and more generous

Unfortunately, we draw into our lives what we allow. We can change our desires and then fulfil them. Keep telling yourself that it’s good to want more because you deserve it.

relationships and attract

2. Create more stringent restrictions

If a partner is lowering your self-esteem, you need to speak up about what is and isn’t appropriate. Never put up with rudeness. Keep an eye out for any modifications they make or don’t make to their conduct after one such event. At the end of the day, you should be respected and accepted.

3. Quit granting them a second and third chance

Keep a close eye on the justifications they are providing. If you continually put their needs ahead of your own and accept all unacceptable behaviour from them, you probably aren’t being your best self around them. Never tolerate erratic behaviour from your mate. Everyone needs to be held responsible.

4. Quit constantly making compromises

Each partner in a relationship needs to offer their all. You may need to date someone else if you find that you are the only one who is making an effort. If this is the case, it means that your investment is not being recognised.

5. Check for consistency between their statements and actions

You know you’ve compromised in your romantic connection if you’ve accepted the reality that your partner doesn’t keep their promises.

relationships and attract

Integrity includes being truthful and lacking any hidden motives. For a foundation of trust to develop and flourish, words and actions must be consistent.

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