GOT7’s BamBam is a successful fan as he meets Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon; Says RIP Double B

Due to his unbelievable fame and power over the audience in his native country, GOT7 member and incredibly gifted soloist BamBam is frequently referred to as the Prince of Thailand. Taeyeon of Girls’ Generation has amassed millions of followers from all over the world during her more than 15 years as a K-pop idol. Unsurprisingly, one of them is also a superstar.


BamBam joined as a performer and MC at Bangkok, Thailand’s 2022 BEST OF BEST CONCERT. The excitement of the two artists’ fans increased when Taeyeon’s inclusion in the roster was also revealed.

As expected, the GOT7 member was being his flamboyant self, but as soon as the senior female performer was on the stage, he quickly turned to jelly. She gave a brief introduction to herself before greeting BamBam directly, making him feel awkward. He changed into someone entirely different—a stuttering mess who couldn’t stop grinning, which everyone found endearing.

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Taeyeon has been mentioned by BamBam as one of his favorite musicians who has inspired him in the past. Even though he had met her before, the 25-year-old reverted to his fanboy ways. He even managed to take a picture of them together after the event, hiding his face with his hands and writing, “1997-2022 R.I.P DoubleB,” a reference to both his birth year and his stage name.

EXO’s Chen and Xdinary Heroes performed on the show as well, and they once again had adorable moments with BamBam.

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